The platform aims to provide knowledge on post-secondary education suitable for students; teachers and parents who play a significant role in career choice. Upon secondary school completion research shows that very few students have basic but critical information of the starting point of career planning and choice.

More often than not we come across students who enroll for individual courses without prior knowledge in the particular field of choice only to discover later that they are not best suited or they lack interest. With the series, we demystify career challenges and enlighten students on career opportunities.

The series uniquely appears on over 700 school websites across the country with unprecedented traffic of 1.4 million people, 240,000 backlinks and 2.1 million page views. 

The career series tasks institutions of higher learning to elaborate and answer central questions in career planning and eventful choice. As a result address pre-eminent question such as what is a career, career types, factors that influence career choice and various career fields to choose from through multiple career articles and images thereby reaching students at an early stage and have them informed before they pick and drop certain subjects in line with hopeful careers.

Through the series, we shed light and offer the correct position on the myths and misconceptions that have overtime surrounded specific issues related to careers on over 700 school sites across the country.